Mosaic Stone

For over a decade Roma Export has been producing mosaic stone on netting. Our products are sold all over the world in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, South Africa and many more. We make our product using high quality polyester netting combined with a high-end EVA Glue. The items are to be installed by grouting it to the wall and mainly popular in the DIY segment. We offer our product store ready, with packing, barcodes, installation instructions and many other customized options.

Below you find a small preview of the types of mosaics we do, such as standard mosaic, pebbles, sliced pebbles and coin stone.

Mosaic Stone

Broken Mosaic

Pebble Mosaic

Coin Marble Mosaic on Netting

Coin Mosaic

Sliced Pebble Mosaic on Netting

Sliced Pebble Mosaic

Large Marble Mosaic on Netting

Large Broken Mosaic

Although we can virtually make any item with the stone available in Indonesia the gallery below should give a fair idea of what the possibilities are:



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